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Is Christ calling you into the Catholic Church? What does the Catholic Church actually believe? What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ? If you are interested in exploring the answers to these questions, we'd like to help.

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Planning on getting married at Queen of the Rosary?

Follow the steps below to ensure a smooth process.

1. Contact Queen of the Rosary (QR) office to determine available dates on the Church calendar and make an appointment to meet with a priest or deacon to complete the initial paper work.

2. When you and your fiancée meet with the priest or deacon for the first time, you will receive a packet of information.  Read through all the information.  Complete the reservation form and submit it along with the required fee as instructed.  This is an important step, because it sets the process in motion.  Submitting the reservation form a year in advance of your wedding is not too early, a minimum of six months is ideal. Completing marriage preparation several months in advance of the wedding date will relieve some of that last minute pressure and will also provide more opportunity to schedule the marriage preparation components in a manner that will accommodate your needs. 

3. After your reservation form is received, you will be contacted to determine your availablity to meet with your FOCCUS coach and complete the FOCCUS survey.  In FOCCUS you and your fiancée will be asked to respond to a series of statements by either agree, disagree or uncertain. (Please use "uncertain" as a last resort only.)  A report comparing your answers with your fiancee's will be generated by your FOCCUS coach.  Following this there will be time for discussion between you and your fiancée centering on the results of the report.  Your FOCCUS coach will be there to guide the conversation. It is recommended that you complete the FOCCUS portion of your marriage preparation before attending the group (Pre-Cana) sessions. 

4. You will also be contacted to determine your availability to attend the group (Pre-Cana) sessions.  This step may happen as part of the contact made in step 3 to setup FOCCUS.  These sessions are held several times a year depending on the number of couples in our parish who are planning marriage. We try to accommodate your work schedules by offering these sessions either on two Saturday afternoons (1:00-5:00PM). Each session would usually include three or four engaged couples and two married couples who act as the facilitators.

5.  During the Pre-Cana sessions we address a number of topics that affect a marriage relationship.  The topics include communications, finance, sex, and spirituality. We do address Natural Family Planning briefly, but that topic is explored in more detail when you attend a required introductory session on NFP.  When possible these sessions are made available at the Queen of the Rosary Office Center and are led by Tammy King, a Creighton Model NFP Instructor. If that cannot be arranged, sessions are available at many local parishes or at most local Catholic hospitals.  You will be given assistance in finding a session you can attend.

6. Don't forget the music for your wedding day.  In the packet of information you received from the priest or deacon at your first meeting, you will find information pertaining to contacting the parish music coordinator.  The coordinator is an accomplished musician in his own rite, but can also arrange for others to play or sing if you prefer. Please contact the coordinator even if you plan to provide your own musicians.  It is suggested that this contact be made at least four to six months before the wedding.  The parish music coordinator is:

Call the Parish Office at 847-437-0403 or e-mail: musicministry@qotr.org.

7. Once you have completed FOCCUS, Pre-Cana and NFP, make an appointment to meet with the priest or deacon officiating at your wedding.  Make this appointment at least a couple of months before the wedding.  Bring the completion certificates you received for the sessions attended.  Before the meeting consider pre-planning your wedding liturgy.  What readings do you want to use?  What songs?  Have you arranged for a friend or relative to do the reading or readings?

8.  The rehearsal.  The priest or deacon celebrating your marriage will usually arrange a date and time for the rehearsal.  If further information is needed, you can contact the Wedding Coordinator, Mrs. Chris Schiffer, at 847-985-4728 or qrmarriageministry.  Rehearsals are usually held about 5:30 or 6:00 PM.  It is important to be on time because often more than one rehearsal is scheduled for the same day. Be sure to bring with you any items that will be used in the ceremony, such as programs, unity candle, copies of readings or ring bearer pillow.  Lastly, if you plan to use a runner, the church aisle is 66 feet long.

                       Remember, your wedding is but one day,

                               your marriage is a lifetime!!